Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're back

You might think after what happened to us that last time we enjoyed a few days at the beach (our home flooded from a broken water pipe in the ceiling) that we would be afraid to ever leave our sweet cottage again.

But, we have again ventured off to spend a few days watching the water go back and forth.

This time we have a cat that needed kenneling. We found a wonderful place. Designed for the owner's appreciation as much as the cat's.

Notice all of the windows on the second floor -- they are for the guests to enjoy.

From this beautiful tile entry way . . .

To the all of the individually painted glass doors of each suite . . .

The place is packed with amenities for both the kitties and their owners.


1) heated tile window shelves
2) water fountain
3) sleeping hammock
4) video viewings for the owners
5) daily email to the owners

Poor Entertainment -- he knew something was afoot when the Cottage Master kept taking luggage, boxes and sacks out to the car.

He told us, using his outside voice, how unhappy he was to put poured into his carrying case and riding in the car.

When we left the Kitty Komfort Inn he still had not emerged from the carrying case that he had wanted out of so badly a few minutes earlier.

I've heard that animals have no sense of time so one day or 5 days is all the same to them. I sure hope that's true.

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