Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Adams Family

We traveled to Quincy, Mass. to see where John Adams and John Quincy Adams were born and raised.

While we were waiting for the shuttle trolley to take us to the homes I spied this lovely bit of stone-work on a building across the street.

So simple, yet so elegant.

And here we are at the two original homes that set on large farms over 200 years ago. I was surprised to see how today they were just a few feet from the busy street. While we were inside the houses we could feel the vibrations that the passing traffic caused through the large wood plank floors.

I purchased postcards with photos of these houses at the gift shop so I could have a State Park Ranger-free picture!

This house is next door and was John and Abigail's home. It impressed me how in just a few small rooms such great thinkers were able to accomplish so much. How Abigail could educate her son, in John's absence, so well that he too went on to become one of our country's leaders.
We could all take a lesson home about this when we think we need bigger and more grand homes to raise our children with the best.

And finally, here, where John retired to be a farmer. Both Abigail and John died in this house.
Trees that John planted and roses that Abigail planted are still growing on the grounds.

Getting to see these homes in person has been very special to me. I hate the fact that they won't allow you to take photos inside the homes. But I will always have my memories of what I saw.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Williamsburg, Virginia

It was a gloomy, gray and slightly muggy but with a saving cooling breeze the day we went to see the sights in Colonial Williamsburg. The night before had been pouring down rain and the last 30 miles were a struggle to drive.

At least the others on the road slowed when the rain was heavy -- unlike what we had experienced in Nebraska where the traffic continued to speed along even when it was impossible to see more than a few feet ahead.

But back to the topic of the colonial town -- I loved this arbor! I would love to have something similar at Quirky Cottage for the grapes to grow around.

Aunt Tootsie loves chickens so I will send this photo to her.

And Daughter and Son-in-Law have a large modern stable so this photo is for them.

All of the wooden and crude metal buckets and tools are a far cry from the light-weight plastic and strudy tools in their barn.

After seeing Aunt Lucille's grandmother's spinning wheel I took a special interest in this one being demonstrated. The gentleman was very generous with his time in telling many things about spinning wool and about the weaving process.

Some day when I run out of things to do I'd like to find out more about the textiles on that time period.

The Spinning Wheel man told me that the wool that he was working with came from a sheep on the property named Larry.

Later we met the sheep but Larry did not identify himself to me. The sheep seemed to like me. The came up to me on the other side of the fence and 'baaaa' to me.

Just as I was feeling very special, a woman stepped into the fenced area with food buckets and away they went, following her like sheep.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's it really like?

When the Cottage Master first proposed a nice long leisurely trip across these great United States this is what I imagined . . .

He said that we would take our time, stop any time we saw something interesting and enjoy every minute of the experience.

What I got instead was this . . .

We are now in Williamsburg, Virginia, 3,000 miles from home. I haven't driven since Wyoming because once this wild man gets behind the wheel it's drive, drive, drive.

He passes every car on the road. He has made me go 20 hours between meals! He only stops when the car needs fuel.

Finally, yesterday I told him that I had heard that the first prize in the contest he was trying to win was a CRAPPY WIFE.

So, today we are taking a day off. We are resting, getting caught up on the emails and catching our breath before we go sight-seeing.

Before we left Missouri, he did stop and allow me to take these photos . . .

Just imagine the stories this building could tell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's the 1960's Again!

The last show we saw in Branson was a group of six singers reliving the songs of the 1960's for those of us who lived those years and who were sober enough to remember.

The first time this woman was on stage her costume was cut a little low in front (no, I didn't take any pictures).
The Cottage Master was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction!

She's a cutie and sang really well. It was hard not to like her!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Andy Williams

The Cottage Master kept saying that he thought Andy Williams had gone to the next world. But, we saw him alive and kicking at age 82!

The stage curtain is beautiful.

When Mr. Williams came on stage he appeared so frail and fragile that I assumed he would sing a couple of songs and the rest of the show would be a variety of acts. Well, I was wrong. He seemed to get stronger with every song and sang many favorites during the entire two hour program.

He rarely looked up but kept his eyes on the three tele-prompters sitting on stage. . .

He even did a little soft-shoe . . .

There were several different acts like this one . . .

And this guy who did a Red Skelton impersonation . . .

We were properly entertained.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sons of the Pioneers

We had dinner with the singing group, Sons of the Pioneers.

I suspect they are more like the great grandsons of the pioneers.

The food off of the chuck wagon was good and filling. The corn on the cob was VERY good. Smoked beef and chicken cooked on-site and we could smell it long before the show began.

This character amused me greatly. He got the funniest looks on his face. Most of them I missed because I was laughing so hard.

Of course, there were plenty of jokes. One of them had to do with a new television show that they were going to recommend -- CSI Arkansas. Everyone knows that Arkansas is the most difficult state to solve a crime -- there are no dental records and all the DNA is the same.

This gentleman's great idea is for a hat diet. His theory is that if you wear a bigger hat it looks like you've lost weight.

Is it working?

The sparkly glasses are to distract your attention from what lies beneath.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Branson, Missori

On the way to Branson we stopped at a little cafe along the road. It was sort of a double-wide trailer with nothing notable about the decor except the clever way the side lights to the front door were placed on top of these cute little shutters.

At the top of every daytime hour this fountain puts on a light, fire and music show.

It's no Las Vegas -- but still fun to watch at night.