Monday, September 7, 2009

Road Trip . . . day one

We will be away from Quirky Cottage for a few weeks. She won't be lonely though, several visitors will pop in to see if she's alright.

The car is packed but still has room for any treasure we may find along the way to bring home.

We rented this beautiful car because our trusty ten year old Camry has traveled 240,000 miles and deserves the rest.

There is a great danger in renting a vehicle much newer and has more special features than what you own -- one tends to catch "new car" fever. But we are doing our best to enjoy the features now and to be resigned that they are only temporary luxuries in our lives.

Such as: 1) heated seats

I've never had much use for them myself. But then, during the long drive on the first day I was missing my heating pad that I have been using to sooth the pain in my left hip.

Then I realized that by turning on the heated seat feature I could get the same result.

2) Windshield wipers that automatically adjust to the amount of water on the windshield.

Now this feature may just save my marriage!!!!!

The Cottage Master says he can see through the rain drops and doesn't turn the wipers on until I'm half crazy with the inability to see. The automatic wipers seem to share my point of view and they clear the glass of water frequently enough for me to stay calm.

1 comment:

PC said...

Omigosh - I'm OCD in the other direction and those wipers would have put me clear on the other side of sanity! I go nuts when the car in FRONT of me in line has their wipers on HIGH when it's barely sprinkling! Too funny!