Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quirky flowers

I've taken to heart the advise Gene Wilder gave to Jill Clayburgh in the 1976 movie, Silver Streak. He, as an editor of gardening books, tells her to be "nasty to nasturtiums".

According to the back of the package of seeds they need little care to thrive. They are not fond of heavily fertile ground and need a minimum of water.

It seemed to be a perfect plant to put in the flower box under the kitchen window this spring.

I had to plant the seeds twice. I add a little fertilizer the second time and a few seeds sprouted. I watered faithfully and was beginning to see colorful flowers when the plant on the far end began to look sickly.

Looking closer this is what I saw . . .

In disgust I stopped watering and made a mental note to self . . . it is possible to be TOO nasty to nasturtiums.

On the other side of the yard -- I love this trumpet vine. In the cool of the evenings when I sit next to an open window I can smell its fragrance.

And then in the back, just for my amusement, this trick of nature . . .


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