Thursday, September 17, 2009

Otter Tail County Museum

The front of the Otter Tail County Museum and Historical Society has this darling iron railing.

And this lovely sculpture out front.

I know that museums do not want the visitors to take pictures but there was no one around and I snapped these displays -- I thought they were too cute not to take home a photo of them.

Mr. & Mrs. Beaver

We stopped overnight in Cameron, Missouri where there was an antique shop down the road. It had a large "OPEN" sign in front but the door was locked. There were these items sitting outside.

I love the movie The Maltese Falcon and when I saw this I wanted it - and I still want it. But the Cottage Master said he was not going to carry that heavy concrete thing all the way across the county -- he was getting poor enough gas mileage and that thing in the trunk would make it worse.

I still would love to have it!

Time to wash the car?


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