Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Adams Family

We traveled to Quincy, Mass. to see where John Adams and John Quincy Adams were born and raised.

While we were waiting for the shuttle trolley to take us to the homes I spied this lovely bit of stone-work on a building across the street.

So simple, yet so elegant.

And here we are at the two original homes that set on large farms over 200 years ago. I was surprised to see how today they were just a few feet from the busy street. While we were inside the houses we could feel the vibrations that the passing traffic caused through the large wood plank floors.

I purchased postcards with photos of these houses at the gift shop so I could have a State Park Ranger-free picture!

This house is next door and was John and Abigail's home. It impressed me how in just a few small rooms such great thinkers were able to accomplish so much. How Abigail could educate her son, in John's absence, so well that he too went on to become one of our country's leaders.
We could all take a lesson home about this when we think we need bigger and more grand homes to raise our children with the best.

And finally, here, where John retired to be a farmer. Both Abigail and John died in this house.
Trees that John planted and roses that Abigail planted are still growing on the grounds.

Getting to see these homes in person has been very special to me. I hate the fact that they won't allow you to take photos inside the homes. But I will always have my memories of what I saw.

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