Monday, September 28, 2009

Williamsburg, Virginia

It was a gloomy, gray and slightly muggy but with a saving cooling breeze the day we went to see the sights in Colonial Williamsburg. The night before had been pouring down rain and the last 30 miles were a struggle to drive.

At least the others on the road slowed when the rain was heavy -- unlike what we had experienced in Nebraska where the traffic continued to speed along even when it was impossible to see more than a few feet ahead.

But back to the topic of the colonial town -- I loved this arbor! I would love to have something similar at Quirky Cottage for the grapes to grow around.

Aunt Tootsie loves chickens so I will send this photo to her.

And Daughter and Son-in-Law have a large modern stable so this photo is for them.

All of the wooden and crude metal buckets and tools are a far cry from the light-weight plastic and strudy tools in their barn.

After seeing Aunt Lucille's grandmother's spinning wheel I took a special interest in this one being demonstrated. The gentleman was very generous with his time in telling many things about spinning wool and about the weaving process.

Some day when I run out of things to do I'd like to find out more about the textiles on that time period.

The Spinning Wheel man told me that the wool that he was working with came from a sheep on the property named Larry.

Later we met the sheep but Larry did not identify himself to me. The sheep seemed to like me. The came up to me on the other side of the fence and 'baaaa' to me.

Just as I was feeling very special, a woman stepped into the fenced area with food buckets and away they went, following her like sheep.


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Kim said...

I am glad you are enjoying our "neck of the woods." I'm so sorry we couldn't meet up- just wasn't meant to be. I love that Williamsburg is always evolving and changing as they discover more clues to the past.