Monday, September 21, 2009

Visit with Aunt Lucille

We visited the Cottage Master has an 80 plus year old Aunt Lucille. We found her and her husband, Ray, doing quite well.

There were many monarch butterflies enjoying her flower beds.

As we visited we talked about a favorite photo of hers of her grandmother sitting at her spinning wheel. She took us to where she kept that same spinning wheel.

We were surprised that it was so small because as it sat in front of her grandmother it looked much bigger. Grandma must have been a small woman!

She also had the carding implements that her grandmother used.

As we were leaving Aunt Lucille mentioned a new place to eat in town so we stopped for lunch.

Maybe it's just me but the picture of a meat cleaver with red underneath is a little too graphic for me. Made me want to inquire, "Who is on the menu today?"

Cottage Master leaving in one piece


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