Friday, October 9, 2009

Home Again

We are back at Quirky Cottage now. But, one last comment on our auto trip across the country. While driving through North Dakota we decided to stop in a little town to grab some fast food. According to the navigator, fast food was located on Main Street.

The first thing we saw as we entered the town was a John Deere factory.

As we headed for the town's Main street we saw the high school football team playing on a small field. Only two brave mothers were watching the game while sitting on a . . .

As we approached Main Street we were greeted by . . .

The entire length of Main Street was torn up! Not just a few blocks -- but the entire length! Now that's a small town.

We found our way back to the Interstate and drove to the next city to get our dinner.

While on the road I saw so many homes with fall mums and pumpkins decorating walkways and porches. I was eager to get home to deck QC out in her fall colors.

Here is a start -- a bit skimpy right now. I'll pick up some pumpkins this weekend to add to the display.

I read an article recently stating that most wreaths were hung on doors too high. Here is how I originally hung QC's fall wreath.

Then I experimented by hanging it lower . . .

I like it lower! Oh, and please note that lump of concrete in front of the scarecrow.

One the way home we stopped by the antique store that had been closed the first time we drove by and Cottage Master allowed me to purchase the Maltese Falcon! He will be freshly painted soon.
(The bird, not the Cottage Master)

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