Monday, October 26, 2009

Maltese Falcon

While we were on the road last month I saw a hunk of concrete that I thought looked like the Maltese Falcon and I wanted it for my own.

But the Cottage Master shook his head -- hauling that 40-plus pounds of concrete across the country didn't make sense to him. Besides, the antique store that was selling it was closed.

But, to my surprise, on the way home again we stopped by the same antique store and this time they were open -- and . . . he came home with us.

After one coat of black paint he looked like this . . .

Since I didn't prime him or any other prep work before I began to spray paint him he didn't get all over shiny but instead only the areas that still had paint on them are now shiny and the rest of him is flat black.

I love the way it makes his eyes stand out.

He's on the front porch for now. He may grace several places around QC before he finds a location that is perfect for him.


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PC said...

LOVE the new collage of pictures at the top of your page. Just perfect! I hope you keep that one up for a long, long while. :)