Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quirky Solutions

I love the quirky handyman television show Red Green! People either love it or are confused why anyone would watch it.

Red's devotion to duct tape as a solution to any problem have always gotten my approval. I've always enjoyed people's creative ways to solve problems.

That's why when I got an email from my friend, Janie, that had lots of creative ways to use duct tape and other inventive items to make life better -- I just had to go to the source -- a daily blog
There I Fixed It!

Here is a sample of what is on the blog.

Check out the blog for more quirky clever ideas.

1 comment:

Llyn M said...

d to watch it all of the time when we lived on the coast!! We LOVED it. We don't get it here in Bend. Bummer :-(