Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday and Wedding

Our grandson, EJ, had his second birthday.

His other set of grandparents gave him this terrific tricycle . . .
Hey Dad, what is this?

Checking the tires . . .
Pushing the pedals is a difficult skill in the beginning

I'll just enjoy it this way for now . . .

Mom, you're a good wrapper -- this must be really good cuz it's hard to get to!

Pappa helps to open a package of BALLS

I know what to do with this

Pappa is a good helper with the paper
Making a train of all the cars Mom and Dad gave me is my favorite thing to do

My brother and new sister-in-law's wedding . . .

Some grooms have cold feet

This one had a hot head

Both Bride and Groom make it through the ceremony

The wedding cake was made using little wedge shaped boxes filled with delicious chocolates!


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