Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Menace

While Quirky Cottage was being put back together there were so many large trucks, men and power tools in and around that the neighborhoods cats were discouraged from their familiar paths around the house.

Now that it is all quiet and I've been feeding the wild birds again I expected to see all the familiar kitties to wander into the yard.

Instead, this cat has been the dominate visitor.

We have never seen him / her before. This luscious thick fur just makes me want to dig my fingers into it.
See how beautifully he blends in with the bark of the cedar tree.

He likes to stalk the birds but he's just too big to be agile enough to be any real treat to them.


Anonymous said...

Is he a "real treat" or just a "threat" to them? hahaha Made me laugh!! :)


Kim said...

I have missed you, but know that settling back in is rough going. We are praying for continued progress.