Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's talk about TP

When putting the hall bathroom back together I decided rather than poke holes in the fresh, new walls I'd opt for a stand-alone TP holder.

The one I bought has a clever swivel arm to allow rolls to be slip on and off the stand.
So one day, very recently, the Cottage Master found himself at the end of his roll . . .

He was able to get the empty roll off . . .

And apparently he figured out how to get a fresh roll off of the stand BUT not able to replace the fresh roll to its obvious place because this is what I found . . .

I will never fully understand MEN!

I know that the usual TP dispensers are a bit complicated and maybe even mysterious to manipulate.
I was six years old before I had the courage to explore the one in our home and discovered the secret of how my mother got the fresh rolls onto the roller.
And for the last 40 years of my married life I have been the only adult in the house who knows this secret. How do I know I'm the keeper of the sacred secret?
Because of with this . . .


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