Friday, February 5, 2010

QC is a home again

We said our final good-bye to the hotel room that we called home for the many weeks after Quirky Cottage was flooded.

It was nice and reasonably comfortable but it took patience (and some eye-rolling) for the Cottage Master and me to live this close to one another for so long.

We are back in our home and in our own bed. Oh how I missed our memory foam bed. Everyone, including me, kept saying how it will seem like a new house with all new floors and fresh paint.

However, I've discovered that once the furniture was placed in its original position the house was much more like my old house -- just a little fresher. I'm not complaining -- I loved my house before and I love it even more now.

Here are the culprits to all the trouble. It has been suggested that we frame these -- I might just do that.


These Before pictures were taken a year ago . . .

We replaced the berry colored carpet with one that was more nutral.

The kitchen had a yellow pine Pergo floor -- replaced with darker colored fake wood floor.
I love this red rug I found at Target last week! Yes, that is a thread from the new carpet on the rug -- new carpet does that -- spreads itself around when you walk on it.

All of the other rooms are pretty close to what they had been before. However, since the ceiling, walls and floor of the master bathroom was trash we took this opportunity to remodeled the room.

I wanted the old fashion Cottage feel to the room . . .

I love the look of this sink.

The plumbing for the toilet and sink were moved slightly to make as much room as possible for a walk-in shower area.
There is still one glass brick needed to finish the job -- it is on back order.

Another room that got a major redo was the Cottage Master's library. It had been a kitchen originally.
The window was taken out, and the ceiling got an updated look.

It's good to be home.

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Llyn M said...

O Rita, I'm so happy you are home. What an ordeal. Now you can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief :-)