Monday, June 30, 2008

Fresh as a Daisy

Recently a friend passed away. Several of us used to work with her and wanted to support her family and by going to her memorial service.

The next day, a friend asked me how were the services. While describing how lovely they were I reached into my purse, pulled out my digital camera, and said, "Look at the pictures I took."

My poor friend, KP, got that "deer in the headlight" look. I was slow in picking up the signals she was sending to me. For every step toward her I took she took two backing away from me. Finally I realized that she was afraid that I had taken pictures of the open coffin and was attempting to escape the horror that was coming toward her (and not so gracefully, I might say).
No, I reassured her, the flowers in the lobby were so beautiful I had to take a picture of them. This white and pink daisy was the size of a salad plate and I thought it was spectacular.

In loving memory to our friend, Donna Tuttle .


Kim said...

Sometimes I wonder what goes through peoples minds. Several years ago I went to a viewing of a 9 month old baby. The family attended our church and had asked the church to attend as a witness to the fathers unsaved co-workers. It was sad the request even had to be made, shouldn't we as christians be more willing to support our "family" members through their trials? Following the service I arrived at church and the pastors wife asked why I had attended since "I don't like to go to those things." As a young woman I was taken back that she thought anyone would have attended because they enjoyed it.
I think the daisys for your friend were lovely.

Mrs.RGS said...

Kim, how disheartening to hear that from the pastor's wife. Thank goodness not all corner's of the flock are like that. I can tell from the great turn-out you had for the VBS last week that you are now in a caring, loving church. Such a difference.

Liz said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. The daisies are so pretty.