Saturday, June 28, 2008

Too Much Glue . . .

About one out of four of my hair-brained ideas turns out as well or better than I expected. When something flops I either throw it away or give it back to the Goodwill store for someone more creative than I to use.
Thomas Edison said that he never failed – he just found a few thousand ways NOT to make a light bulb. And now I know how not to make a cake/cookie stand.
I bought drinking glasses and plates from the Goodwill. It was my plan to glue them together to create pedestal serving pieces. I started with these. A clear glass and a lovely patterned see-through plate.

Pretty plate, isn't it.
The drinking glass seemed pretty plain and uninteresting to me so I stuffed some Easter-type grass that I had used to decorate on New Year’s Eve inside to glam it up. The grass is white with iridescent pink and blue highlights.

Never having worked with glass glue before and always assuming that more is better – I used a lot. After letting it set up for 24 hours I came back to this . . .

You can see the globs of glue through the glass, yuk.
Now I (and you) know not to use so much glue.
I have more plates and glass to experiment with so stay tuned for more.



ellemenope said...

I'm glad you share your failures here as well as your successes. I've always learned far more from flops than triumphs. I've seen a million shows on how to plant containers or decorate a room... but if someone would show me examples of what DOESN'T work, I think I'd have more confidence!

Kim said...

Our failures also make our successes more sweet. It is a great idea on how to make a cake plate. Thanks for sharing the idea.