Monday, July 6, 2009


I have spent many months looking through decorating books and magazines from the library attempting to discover "My Style" and the colors I wanted for our bedroom.

I discovered that while I liked the looks of the cottage styles and the comfortable ease of the country styles but it was the deep rich textures and colors of the jewel tones that made my heart skip a beat.

So I set out on the quest of finding curtains, bedspread and accessories in these wonderful colors.

What I discovered is that these jewel tones are not "popular" at the moment and that there is very little on the market, both in the stores and on the Internet.

I finally found some filmy curtains and ordered them only to be told that they were no longer available in the length that I needed them. Not to be thwarted, I ordered ten panels in the next longest lengths and sewed them together.

It's a beginning to my bedroom makeover.

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