Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great Grandmother Jenny

Mom always spoke about her grandmother with fondness. Her grandparents spent many summers with her family and she remembered them as being an adventurous and fun-loving couple.

This photo of Great Grandmother taking a photo of fellow travelers makes me smile. I have a box full of photos that the two of them took on their trips across the Southwest and Northwest of the U.S. Most are unlabeled as this one is.
I don't know where this structure was or why anyone would want to drive to it and take a picture.

The man on the left is her hubby. I don't know who the other two couples were --assuming the photo taker is a husband of one of the women.

Can you just imagine what a pleasant outing it was for those six people jammed into that one car?

Please pass that jug around before we have to get in again for the ride home. Oh, it's just water?


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