Monday, July 6, 2009

Spoiled again

I like having the color of my shoes match my clothing. When I was young and single I had a selection of shoes that spanned the colors of the rainbow.

Then came the busy years of raising children and I was just thankful if I could find a left shoe and a right shoe that were a matching pair to wear when I left the house.

And now, in the leisure era of my life, I again have more pairs of shoes than I care to admit.

Thanks to DD, I was introduced to Zenni Optical where the prescription eye wear is so cheap that I got 3 pair for less than $85: Sunglasses, Reading glasses, and Distance glasses.

For distance I got these fun purple ones.

As the months went by I found myself lusting after more colors -- like shoes -- matching my clothing.

Yes, this was a WANT not a NEED but for only $20 a pair they are hard to resist.

So I now own these pretty blue glasses:

And these black striped ones.

I can't morally defend owning all these eyewear -- I just enjoy them.

Speaking of shoes -- aren't these clever ways to store them?


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