Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lighthouse day

Today the sun was so bright and not a cloud in sight! We drove south along the coastline and stopped at two lighthouses.

Keeper's desk & cap

Our tour guide
wearing typical 18th century lighthouse keeper's wife's dress

During the tour we were told that the overseeing authority could show up, unannounced, any time, day or night to inspect the lighthouse keeper's records, the amount of lard oil on the premises as well as the condition of the house.

It was as important that the lighthouse keeper's wife kept the house spotless. One inspector was known to open a closet door and run his white gloved finger along the top edge of the door to see that there was no dust there.

The second lighthouse we drove to is at Heceta Head. The sun was so bright I wasn't able to get really good pictures of this one. If you'd like more information you can click on the link text.


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Kim said...

I love lighthouses. Sometimes I crave the solitude that living in one would offer. Then I think no since Rich would go stir crazy.