Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look and Sea

While Gracie and I were having lunch one day on the Oregon coast we looked across the street and saw this little shop.

It was full of junk -- both old and new.

Anyone need a back scratcher?

Where's the baby?

Something's wrong with this picture!
I remember something about swaddling clothes!

There were four of these chairs for those who love the mid-century look

And two great lamps to go with them

I didn't see anything I couldn't live without but Gracie found a milk can she couldn't resist (at a great price, too). She'll be repainting it and putting it outside her front door this spring.


Llyn M said...

Great chairs!!! They'd look great in my kitchen! What town on the coast is that shop in? We're going in a couple of weeks and maybe they'll still be there!

Kim said...

I love to go into those types of stores- great laughs and also often great finds.

Melissa said...

What a very interesting store. It must have been fun to see?