Monday, March 30, 2009

Quirky Kitty

One of our neighbor's cats, who we have dubbed "Quirky Kitty" because of his belief that the place I chose to feed the wild birds is his own Happy Hunting Grounds, has been much too successful lately and I decided to put up a small fence to slow him down.

Here is his first encounter with the fence . . .

I know this is your doing, Lady!

It'll take more than this to stop me

He walked around and finally jumped inside the fencing.

For some time his interest was in something he thought was moving on the ground

But then he moved into position along the edge of the fence
He lowered himself against the ground

Wrapped his tail around himself
And watched as the birds began to fly onto the tree branches
But then something on the ground moved
And a bird flew down a wee bit closer

But then flew away

Another one over there
It was just too tiring for Quirky Kitty
Eventually he had to leave and the birds were on the ground feeding a few seconds later


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