Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Winds

In like a Lion and out like a Lamb? March did not behave that way this year for us in the Pacific NW.

Quirky Cottage is located 2 miles from the airport where the temperature and wind is monitored.

I watched the wind gage on the Weather Bug Internet site to see if the wind gusts that were impacting the trees next to my window were before or after they hit the gage at the airport. It was a fun little diversion. The wind would bend the trees and two seconds later the gage would record the velocity.

As you can see from the print out above the experts expected gusts up to 39 miles per hour. The strongest one I saw while I was watching was 29 -- and that was impressive enough, thank you.

I'm not fond of strong winds. I'm not fearful -- just not fond. It spooks the wild birds, too. They do not feed on the ground nor at the hanging feeders when the wind blows like this.

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