Thursday, April 16, 2009

More on the eagles

Here is a link to a 6 minute piece about the bald eagles that was on the Discovery Channel.

My wonderful thoughtful daughter, knowing that my craft room is in blue and white, gave me this beautiful picture for an Easter gift. It is framed in a brushed silver and happily it exactly matches the curtain rod. I love it when things work like that!

She also noted that my ironing board in that room needed a new cover. She gave me the most wonderful blue and white cover.

I bought my ironing board the year she was born, which I'll only disclose was sometime during the 1970's.

When I attempted to put the cover on I discovered that my ironing board is larger than the boards now being sold. Not much larger, but enough so that the cover is about two inches too short.
However, that will not stop me from using it.

I have plans to undo the elastic around the edge and "make" it fit. It's much too nice not to make the effort to get it to fit.

Beth Moore

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be in Portland, Oregon enjoying Beth Moore and her Bible teachings. If you are not familiar with Beth you can find her web site here. I've gone through two of her Bible studies through our church and am looking forward to seeing her in person.

My friend, Sherrie, will be with me. That translates to lots of silly times and laughter!


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