Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off the top of my head

Remember the days when there was always a surprise element in picture taking? We would point the camera the best we could, snap the shutter and hope for the best.

We would take several shots hoping that one of them would "turn out". Then rush the film to the drug store and wait 3 to 5 days for it to return in the form of finished prints. Remember the thrill of finding that one good shot in the batch? The one that made all the others worthless.

My mother would always ask my father, "Why do you always cut the top of the head off?"

Well, here is Uncle Rascle with his head cut off because your father took this picture.

We always thought it was because he wasn't careful enough when he looked through the viewfinder.

I'm now thinking that Dad was just ahead of his time. I was cruising on the Internet today and saw these professional photos.

Poor Dad. I wish he were around today to be vindicated.

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Kim said...

Even with a digital camera my mother in law cuts important elements out of a picture. When David and I were riding a camel I gave her my camera to take a picture of us. Well, she got us, but the camel was cut out of the picture. With a son and daughter in law who are both professional photographers she has had a hard time with this.