Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eagle Family

As Ellemenope pointed out yesterday, I can't tell the male from the female bald eagle. At 5:15 Pacific time I had the streaming cam on and got to see the changing of the guard!

One eagle flew in and relieved the one that had been sitting on the nest. What a thrill.

As the evening sun was setting the wind was starting to pick up a bit and the eagle sat with its back to the wind.

Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!



Evie said...

Really? They switch out!?! How nice! I thought to myself "this is one bird with a mission". It is sweet that they switch off! I can't believe I missed it!!!

~~Deby said...

That is so cool...I have been browsing your blog this evening..I too live in the Pacific North-wet.....the Puget Sound be somewhat exact...I will be back, you blog is delightful...
I too am a Thrift shop girl....and there are many close to where I live.....