Thursday, April 30, 2009

You rock, you do

While I was watching the Sidney live cam on the eaglets I saw typical husband / wife situation.

At first the nest was empty of any parent eagle. Soon I could hear what seemed to be two different eagle calls from above.

The male flew into the nest, the female joined him in less than a second later. She was doing the talking. He had brought home a small fish, she had nothing. She continued to talk to him and he flew off again while she stayed on the nest.

This is what I'm sure she said -- read the following in the voice of Marisa Tomei as her "My Cousin Vinny" character.

"Oh, you're the man, you are. You are so good to catch that fish and I didn't find anything. You rock, dude. Go out there and do your thing."

I'm sure after she left she was thinking: "Good, now I can rest my wings and watch Oprah. Where did I put that remote?"

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