Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Surprises

I realize that these flowers are considered weeds to some people. But I take great delight in them. There are patches of them throughout the garden area (yes, like weeds).

When we moved into Quirky Cottage two years ago the previous owners left this sweet little bird house hanging in the tree. Earlier this week I was thinking that I should move the little house to a more accessible location since I've never seen any birds attempting to make it their home.

And then, this afternoon, a pair of chickadees flew in and out, testing it out, rearranging the furniture and all the other things we potential home buyers do before we settle on a location.

I'm hoping that they found it to their liking and I'll be able to watch them raise a family just outside my favorite window.

1 comment:

Evie said...

How neat would that be? I hope they love the new home!