Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm so spoiled

We've had some very welcomed sunshine at Quirky Cottage. It's not only nice on the outside but the sun shining through the windows and sky lights makes me happy, too.

As I walked around the inside of the cottage I began to notice cobwebs and dust bunnies that I swear were not there a day ago.

Spring cleaning has begun BUT not until I treated myself to this fun multi-pack of cheap cotton cloths.
Yes, I have enough rags to clean my house but these made the job fun (if that's possible).

I'd show you "Before" and "After" photos but my pride will not allow it. I'll just tell you that my bucket of water and new cloths have seen dirty baseboards and the vacuum has sucked up dust from under furniture.

You're suppose to move the furniture once-in-awhile, you know, to clean under it. I opt for once a year. Any more often and I would have to join a 12-step program!!!!

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