Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday, Monday

For those who have a life and can't be watching the bald eagles all the time here are a couple of places to go to watch some recorded action. Siblings doing what they do best. And here's lunch.

My father enjoyed playing cards and sitting at the kitchen table playing card games with the family on a Sunday afternoon is a fond memory of mine.

Dad had an expression, "Don't poop in your nest!" It would be said when he had the feeling that the card player was about to play the wrong card and loose the hand. Especially if he was your partner and he was counting on you having the cards that would save the round.

I have to admit to being very surprised by the amount of waste material that has accumulated along the edges of the eagles nest. I can hear my father's warning and it has taken on a new dimension.

My cold virus has settled in my chest and my breathing sounds like the rattling of two dozen maracas. It is so loud that I'm having difficulty sleeping so I go looking for something to do on the Internet.

I found a game of cribbage that I could play with a guy named Jake. After loosing several games to Jake I decided it was time to get serious. I thought if I just concentrated more I could beat him -- and I did -- once.

I swear Jake knows ahead of time what cards are where. I'd rather believe that than the other obvious conclusion -- I'm a lousy card player!


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Kim said...

I was having trouble sleeping also. After a week and a half of sleeping propped up on the sofa I finally went to the doctor. He gave me a shot and I have been sleeping peacefully since. I wish I had gone sooner!
I hope you feel better soon.