Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good-bye old iron

When I replaced the old ironing board cover a week ago the change was just too much for my 30 year old steam iron. After a few days of mourning the old cover -- my old steam iron laid down and died. It hissed it's last breath of steam and went cold.

When I recovered from the shock of its demise I began to look forward to purchasing a new one. I assumed that in the 30 years that have passed since the last time I bought one there would be loads of new features.

I was surprised to find that steam irons look pretty much today like they did years ago. They weigh the same and have the same features.

I chose this beauty. I tried not to be swayed by her pretty color and only after comparing all the features of the other models I settled on this one.

The only new feature from my old iron is the retractable cord.

I'm sorry that it isn't blue -- but the pink makes me smile and since ironing clothes is right up there with scrubbing toilets in my least favorite things to do -- anything I can do to make the task more agreeable is worth it.

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