Monday, June 8, 2009

Head Scratcher

On Mother's Day my DD gave me some fun things for my sewing/craft room. One of them being a new ironing board cover. She thought I needed one.

Old Cover

When I first attempted to put it on it was at three three inches too short. My only explaination at the time was that my board is 40 years old and that the newer ones were shorter.

I thought about how best to make it fit over the weeks. Each time I had a solution I would stretch the cover over the board and think about how to best deal with the short-fall.

Then, last week, I finally decided I had a great idea about how to splice the new cover and make it fit. I stretched it across the board so that I could get an accurate measurement of how much I needed to compensation for and to my utter amazement the cover stretch enough to fit the board.

I stood in amazement staring at it -- not really believing what I saw. But here it is.

I'm thrilled with it. It's nice to use my iron without worrying about tearing more holes in the cover.


1 comment:

ellemenope said...

Now that's weird! I don't know anyone who needed that cover more than you though!! Glad you're ironing care free now - I wouldn't have tolerated that for that long. On the other hand, I don't have any brushes that could have their own driver's licenses (twice!) either! hahaha You're a "reduce-reuse-recycle" queen!