Friday, June 12, 2009

Latin Experience

The Cottage Master and I had a craving for Mexican food so we stopped into a small place down the street from us. We had eaten there once before and we were sure that the food and service would be what we were looking for.

The parking lot was completely full. We considered that a sure sign of good food.

We were told we would need to wait "five, ten minutes" before we could be seated. While waiting, I was taken by the beauty of the ceiling.

Cottage Master mentioned that noise level was rather high and I thought it was only because we were next to the bar section.

After we were seated we discovered that the noise level was no less loud where we were.

There were roving musicians going from table to table singing in Spanish. They sang even louder as the voices of the other diners got louder. Cottage Master and I smile at each other at the irony.

Then, when we thought it couldn't get any worse, a piece of machinery on the other side of the wall that we were sitting against, started up and the rumbling was so loud that the table began vibrating.

Our smiles turned into laughter.

The food was good and there was plenty of leftovers to munch on the next day.

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