Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bigger is Better?

I needed a new switch plate and a couple of blank plates to cover the holes in the kitchen wall where the previous owners had telephone and television hookups.

At the local Home Depot I discovered that there is a wide range of prices for these items. I could pay $ .44 or $12.00 -- depending on how fancy I wanted them.

I only needed plain plates so I purchased the $ .44 ones. When I got home and put them up I discovered that they were 1/2 inch larger than the ones I am used to buying.

Why should this be? This is my explanation . . .

During the recent home building boom sheetrock installers were so sloppy cutting the holes in the sheetrock for electrical boxes that there is frequently a gap between the sheetrock and the cover plate.

It is easier to make the plates larger than it is to slow sheetrockers down enough to do a good job.

Do you think anyone will notice that some plates are larger than the others?

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Melissa said...


I have missed you and your blog. Your blog looks beautiful.

How are you?