Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cherries and Checks

Now that our friend, Rob, has given my energy level the jump-start that I needed by finishing and painting the walls of the dining area and kitchen, I've been working on the finishing details.

I found this stencil on the Internet:

I liked it but I knew I wouldn't use the yellow flowers. To my pleasant surprise the stencil arrived in less than a week from when I ordered it.

This is what it looked like on the wall of the kitchen above the countertop and below the cabinets.

I was happy with the new cherries and checks. But the location on the wall made them appear as if they were floating in space.

As you can see here, the stencil sat directly on top of the backsplash.

I cut off 3/4 inch off of the bottom, the size of one square, in order for it to fit lower so I could paint another row of squares.

That looks better, doesn't it?

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