Thursday, November 5, 2009

In the Black

I fell in love with the color black.

I tried to fight it but as I wandered around garage sales and the Goodwill store this summer black items kept jumping out at me.

I began to collect and tuck them away not knowing what to do with them.

But now that the dining area has been freshly painted this collection has found their home.

This lovely vintage scraf isn't black but it seemed to fit here, too.

A napkin that I picked up at the Williamsburg, Virginia gift shop.

Two different garage sales -- four similar metal trays.

And then at the Goodwill these lovely plates were waiting for me.

And then I saw this piece of furniture on The Nester's blog and wondered if painting my piece black should be my next project.

What color are you in love with?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely don't paint it black, the contrast is lovely and would appear washed out instead. Nice arrangement!


Bonnie@Savoring Simplicity said...

The black looks nice on the yellow walls.

Teresa said...

I love black things too- lovely plates.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I think that there is a bit of black in every room in our house. Black just adds a little something special to a room.

Kim said...

I must say I love all colors! But I have found that I do love the black "ironwork" accent pieces- I have several black scrollwork candleholders.