Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

The evening started out with our Wheaties Box Super Star -- Kyle

And every family needs a Super Hero . . .

In past years this homeowner enjoyed dressing like this and startling his visitors by moving. So we approached with caution. I was dared to touch him -- so I did . . .

He was only stuffed with newspapers this year and the homeowner enjoyed it just as much seeing people's relieved reaction.

This just demonstrates what heights some parents will go to in order to keep their kid safe on Halloween night.

This house looked innocent enough ---

Until the window opened and a scarey head popped out.

Now we come to the wonderfully decorated house that I featured last week. It was even more spooky at night. There was a constant line of Trick or Treaters wanting to approach this house and the one next door.

Brave Wheaties Box and Super Man went too . . .

The house next door was just as wonderful -- I mean terrifying with fog all around.

The side fence gate was open . . .

I don't know how they did this and my camera had a hard time capturing the effect but a black light effect came on and off and when on there was a face and hands suspended in space.

I'm sure this is where my memory bank is . . .

The little guy caught the hang of it -- you go up to the door and things get put into your bag. I got it, Dad, I can do this one myself.


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