Friday, October 10, 2008

Corner revisions

For the past few months I’ve been enamored with vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. I’ve been purchasing them from estate and garage sales and have amassed more than enough now. But when I saw this bowl I just had to have it. I knew it was begging to come home with me and grace this table.

I picked up the doily a few weeks earlier just because I liked it and was thrilled when I realized that the two pieces were meant for each other.

I wanted a mirror for this corner and found that everything I liked was $300 to $400. Then I found a nice large ugly mirror for $80 and bought it. I knew that after I applied some paint to it this ugly duckling it could be a swan.

It's hard to take a picture of a mirror and NOT be in it. :-)

I painted the black stripe -- it had been white -- and brushed gold onto the top of the relief areas to bring out the pattern. It had been all white with no definition. When I bought it Cottage Master asked me, "Are you sure this is the mirror you want?" Yup, I saw its potential.

This must be the way God looks at us -- we ain't much to look at but He knows that with His help we can be so much more.

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