Wednesday, October 1, 2008

With a little help from my friends

I mentioned to Aunt Lucille that I was taking my wallpaper off inch by inch and she told me about a wonderful product named Wallwik and gave me the Internet link to view the product in a demonstration.
After watching the short video online I ordered it on the spot. Now I am eagerly awaiting the UPS delivering person to bring it to my doorstep.
It isn’t cheap but if it works even half as well as the video shows I’ll be happy. Heads up to my friend SA who has promised to help me with this project – help is on the way.


ellemenope said...

What about those tools used on those "sell this house" type shows that are handheld and score the paper followed by fabric softener to help lift off the paper? That's what they always say to do, though I have limited experience myself.

Rock on Great Aunt Lucille!!

Kim said...

When I have removed wallpaper I scored it first then used a remover from the home improvement store. It worked very well and the job was done quickly.
Are you enjoying your retirement?

Anonymous said...

They didn't put sizing on the wall before hanging the paper. That's why it won't come off.