Monday, October 27, 2008

Secret Mission

Where have I been? On a semi-secret mission playing at darling daughter's home doing some deep cleaning, painting walls and having a great time sharing stories and laughing at silly things while we work.
I can't show you pictures of our progress because we want it all to be a surprise for her hubs when he returns in about 2 weeks from working overseas. He knows that we've been tampering with his castle because he has approved the original budget and the revised upper limit of the budget but he doesn't know how we are spending the money.

DD works during the day but I'm kept company by my grandkitty. He is so very entertaining. He likes looking out at the world through the great windows of this house. Here he is, laying on the kitty porch his daddy made for him so he could lay down and still see out.
I was here all last week but went home (2 hours north) for the weekend. I didn't want to miss the Bible study class on Saturday morning and then a 50th wedding anniversary party Saturday afternoon. Then, after church on Sunday, I returned to finish a project as part of the secret mission.
While I was home I took a picture of a neighbors home decked out for the upcoming spooky day. We moved to Quirky Cottage in mid-October. When I first saw this fence I thought it was permanently part of their yard and in need of repair and paint! They take it down in November and put it back up every October. I love it.


Kim said...

I am glad that you are back, you were missed! I can't wait to see the pictures in a couple of weeks.

Llyn M said...

You've been boo-ed! Check my blog to pick up your picture!