Sunday, October 12, 2008

Retirement Party

Two dozen of my friends, ex-co-workers and two of our children were able to come to our home to celebrate with me the end of the working career part of my life.

My friend, Sherrie, helped me to decorate the house.

Our caterer friend, KP, provided a table full of finger foods. This is what the table looked like before we removed all of the plastic wrap. I meant to photo it later but I was having too much fun visiting and didn't think of it until we had all served ourselves at least once.

It was wonderful to share good fun and stories and to make future plans to play with our other retired friends!

When it began to get dark several of us went out to a local corn maze. Several years ago we went to the corn maze and wandered through the non-haunted portion. This year we decided to be brave and travel through the haunted part.

We had to stand in line for over an hour and to my amazement the two sweet young ones with us stayed in good humor even when the adults were a little fussy about the wait.

I'm not sure why, but even though I knew there would be people popping out of the corn stalks trying to scare me -- they still did. I'll admit to screaming in surprise a few times.

Once a rather scarey looking creature with one of the most menacing moaning voice kept following me. When I yelled to the Cottage Master to protect me I found him several paces behind the creature laughing his head off. Great!


Melissa said...

Those copper pumpkins look so elegant. So pretty!

Congrats on your retirement. Now you have the rest of your life to just have fun. How exciting is that!



Evie said...

What beautiful decorations!

Kim said...

The decorations and food look so wonderful! I am glad you are enjoying your new freedom from the work. Keep up those friendships!

Llyn M said...

Wow! What a great spread of yummy looking food!! And the decorations! Very pretty!I know I've said it before, but I am SOOO jealous of your retirement!Enjoy it!!!
Btw, love your new header :-)

Llyn M

Anonymous said...

Rita - I'm so sorry I could not make the party have heard all about it and all the fun everyone had - will call soon to get together

Liz said...

What a beautiful party... and congrats to you!

Llyn M said...

Come and visit and pick up your award!!!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Oh my goodness! All these arrangements in this retirement party are just fantastic. I loved the Halloween theme and all the d├ęcor that have been used. I think these ideas would be perfect for my sister’s upcoming birthday that we are going to celebrate at some local San Francisco venues.