Monday, October 6, 2008

Glass Garden

When our Gardening Daughter first saw Quirky Cottage she said that because of the location and height of the flower box below the kitchen window was going to be a real pain to take care of.

I was certain that I could overcome any difficulties that it might present. The first year I planted annuals in there and discovered what a pain in the back it was to maintain.

Last summer I kept thinking I'd do SOMETHING but never did.

Now that I'm retired and have NO excuse for laziness the pressure was on to do something with that box.

So, out I went with a box of colored glassware . . .

And did this . . .

Cottage Master laughed when he saw it and asked what kind of statement was I trying to make. "I have a black thumb and a bad back" was my answer.
You can tell by the grayness of these photos that we are having a gray and dreary day. One of those days where it is always drizzling and never sunny for which the Pacific NW is famous. We who live here try to perpetuate the myth that it is ALWAYS like that here to discourage others from moving here and making it crowded.
Snowball trees are supposed to bloom in the spring but I noticed the tree next to the house seems to be a bit confused.



ellemenope said...

I'm with Dad on this one - that's pretty funny! Creative and colorful though! Since it's right off your kitchen it appears you had enough with washing dishes one day and just tossed them out the window! hahahaha

Suzanne said...

What a great idea! Perfectly quirky! :)

Kim said...

I also have a black thumb so I love your idea. My friend Peg has a very green thumb and is always bringing over lovely plantings (which I in short order kill.)
Have a great day

~~Deby said...

oh this is so cute, Rita...
I MIGHT have some Rhodies my dh doesn't want to keep..????