Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Curtain

It is scary to cut into a vintage tablecloth when you know that if you make a mistake in judgement you can't just go back to the store and get another one just like it.

After thinking about it and testing it several times before actually cutting into the fabric I settled on a pattern that I wanted to use for the topper over the kitchen window.

I can never sew without smiling and thinking of my darling daughter. When she was a young child she tried her hand at sewing but didn't take to it. But, that didn't mean that she wasn't creative. One day I sat down at my sewing machine and found this:

I always make sure I have plenty of pins so I don't have to use any of the ones she did.

The curtain that had been hanging over the sink when we bought QC was what I used for the lining and rod pocket. Waste not, want not -- my mother's words were echoing in my head.



Llyn M said...

That is so cute! Good job!!

Bella Casa said...

I love that, it came out so pretty! That is a cute little memento from your dd, too :)


Liz said...

Oh WOW!!!!! I love this and am emailing the link to my mother in law right now. She will flip!

Melissa said...

Cute curtain. How creative you are.