Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Read like a millionaire

I have heard that millionaires read at least one non-fiction book every month. Wanting to live like a millionaire I can start with my reading habits. So this month I read this book.

I now know why outhouses have a crescent moon on the door. Would you like to know why? Just send me $20 and I’ll tell you. It’s my way of becoming a millionaire –

Okay, I’ll tell you for nothing because you are my friends.

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries trade in between towns and cities in Europe increased and roadside inns were built to serve the needs of the travelers. The finer inns began offering his and her outhouses. Because so many people were illiterate, symbols were used on outhouses to show which was which.

From ancient times, the sun had been a symbol of all that was masculine and the moon of all that was feminine so they were an obvious choice.

During hard economic times inns reduced the selection to only one outhouse and since men could use the nearby woods . . . so only the moon was left. Oh, and a crescent moon was used because if a full moon had been used it would have been the same shape as the sun. Duh.

Now you know. You can dazzle your family at dinner tonight with the depth of your knowledge.


Kim said...

I never knew the reason for the moon. The outhouse that was my aunts home didn't have any cut out on the front.
I bet there are some millionaires who don't even know this info. So does that mean we can say we are smarter then a millionaire?
Have a good weekend.

Melissa said...


You are a dear friend. Thank you for your kind comments.

Love Melissa

Melissa said...


Thank you for being my friend.

Love Melissa