Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tale of Two Lamps

The décor at the condo is modern neutral. This brown lamp is one of a pair in the living room. Note the wide upper section and the narrowness of the base.
This second lamp is one of a pair in the master bedroom.
I’ve never seen a lamp on stilts before. I have spent an inordinate amount of time pondering the design of this lamp.
Did the designer notice that it was too tippy after it was made and decided that the stilts would give it more stability?
In case of a flood the waters would have to be 2 inches higher in order for the lamp to be swamped?
Did the designer make a deal with the brother-in-law who had too much scrap metal on hand?
No one can convince me that someone said to the designer – hey, I really like that, please make 400 more.


Evie said...

Aunt Rita... I need your new email address. I only have your old work one!!!

ellemenope said...

erm.. does it have a "Made in China" stamp nearby? hahahaha