Monday, December 15, 2008

Vacation Day Two

Sixty mile per hour wind during the night made the patio chairs rattle against the ropes that the management had used to secure them to the posts. We woke up several times and went to the patio door to peer into the darkness.

We were thankful that the power stayed on. Last year, during a similar storm, trees fell in the Coast Range pass knocking out the power for two days. We weren’t sorry we had missed that storm.

High tide was at noon today. I went into the city of Depoe Bay to see how high the waves went when they hit the seawall.

I wasn't the only one standing in the wind taking pictures

The air was clear -- this is not fog you see but spray from the waves

This bird was so close to me I could have petted it.
People = food to them.

In just the few minutes that I was out in the wind my hands were numb from the cold so I got back into the car, drove and parked on the opposite side of the street to get these pictures.

Just about the time I was patting myself on the back for being so clever -- I got a face full of ocean. I was forced to go back to the condo to dry off, warm up and clean my camera. Later, when I was eating I still could taste salt on my lips. Blaa, that water is NOT clean -- fish function in it!
View from condo


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Melissa said...


I hope you are having a great vacation. The weather looks amazing. Be safe though.

Thank you for your prayers. You are a sweetheart.