Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vacation Day One

We made our way south on Interstate 5 into strong headwinds and pelting rain with only a 30 minute respite between Portland and Salem, Oregon. At one point visibility was only a few car lengths.

When we started westbound from Salem the wind and rain once again was our constant companion. We arrived in Lincoln City, Oregon and found patches of blue sky and more strong winds.

Blue sky after 4 hours of driving in gray gravy

Storms of rain and snow are expected here this weekend. We can’t believe our luck. This is the kind of weather that we love. We are looking forward to a wild ride as we stay tucked in our cozy condo by the sea.
We stopped at Mo’s for a bowl of clam chowder. Then we ducked into a glass blowing shop and watched while this woman made a red glass. When we came in she told us that she was making a wine glass but then when she finished it was a bit shorter than she wanted it to be and she said maybe it was a sherry glass instead.

The sun was shining but there were very few people on the streets of Depoe Bay. The waves on the surface were choppy and foamy. It promises to be even more dramatic tomorrow.

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Cottage Master struggling against the wind

Sunset Mrs.RGS

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Llyn said...

Glad you had a nice little trip! If you were to walk out of MO's,go around the corner and head north up the beach for , oh maybe a quarter mile, turn and look up at the cliff, you would see where I lived for 4 years.Well, you wouldn't see the house, as it sits way back. I miss sitting in my living room and watching storms and whales, but I don't miss the dampness and mold on everything!! It's a nice place to visit..yada yada yada. Had to move back to Central Oregon where it's dry!!