Sunday, December 7, 2008

To See or Not to See

Because of a pre-glaucoma condition I need to have my eyes examined by an ophthalmologist twice each year. Last year I needed to update my eyeglasses prescription and after handing over $300 I got these snappy new glasses.

At my next six month check-up all was well. At the following check-up (which was last month) it was a different story. When I covered my left eye and was asked to read the smallest line on the chart I replied, “E”. Could I read anything smaller? No! Apparently my eye right heard that I was now retired and it quit working, too.

As one living on a retiree budget I was NOT looking forward to paying $300 for another pair of glasses. An alternative would be to replace only the right lens for $120.

I had heard about Zenni Optical an online glasses business and decided to try them.

I purchased one pair of glasses for when I want to see things that are far away, a pair of sunglasses with that same correction lenses and a pair of reading glasses (I need a special correction and cannot wear the ones at the Dollar Store) all for $88.76 including postage.

I was excited about how quickly they arrived (the same two week period that I would have had to wait had I gotten them from a local vendor) and how they fit perfectly immediately.

They each came with a hard-shell case. Good for people who slide across the bench seat of a booth in a restaurant accidently sitting on the purse containing a pair of glasses in a soft case. That can be an expensive lunch.

Distance Glasses

Darling Sunglasses

Reading Glasses

The frames feel a little flimsy compared with the ones that you buy from an optometrist. However, I’ve already dropped a pair – they bounced and survived just fine.

I order frames that have a spring hinge because my glasses spend as much time on top of my head as they do on my face. The spring hinge-type hugs my head and is less likely to slip and fall off.

If you are as cheap as I am and need glasses, you might want to take a look at this option.


Evie said...

What a deal! You found a real gem!

Liz said...

Wow, what a fantastic deal! And they are so cute!

Kim said...

I love the red frames. I'm glad they survived the drop.