Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goal Number One continues

I am so grateful to Melissa at The Inspired Room for helping me to keep on task with what I've been calling my P&O (Purge and Organize) project for 2009. Every day I do something toward my goal of creating a beautiful clutter-free home. This week I tackled to one room that held the most shame for me. My craft room. It had become the "stash and dash" room. The place where I'd drop anything that I didn't want to take the time to actually find a good place for or that I was promising myself I'd get to some day. Sort of a 10 foot by 12 foot junk drawer.

Before photos moving from the right side of the room to the left

After two and a half days of P&O

I took two large boxes to the Goodwill and one medium sized bag of stuff went into the garbage. A handful of things belonged in other areas of the house.
I uncovered four projects that could be done quickly that I had buried so deep they were completely forgotten.
There's a song in my head -- "I can see clearly now the shame is gone . . ."


Songbirdtiff said...

Hi there! I'm coming over from The Inspired Room.

WOW! What an amazing change. Are you feeling newly inspired now that your room looks great and organized? Great job!

Melissa said...

Everything looks so organized.

Thank you for your sweet comments that you left for me. They meant a lot to me.


Melissa said...


You have a way of lifting my spirits.

Thank you for that.


Teresa said...

Wow you go girl- that looked like tons of work- But what a wonderful outcome!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is amazing, what a transformation! You go girl! You are completely inspiring me with how much you accomplished by sticking to your goals.

Enjoy your organized craft room!! And thank you for joining in with me, I am so glad you are a part of it!


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

That looks awesome and I'm sure you feel good in there! I need a ladder now! :-)

Melissa said...


You are right. I should buy a lottery ticket. I never have.

Catherine would do an amazing job painting your home into a print. Isn't she just a marvel?